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Getting a website ranking in the top ten search results might seem like an easy thing to do but it is very complicated. The search engines change their algorithms so frequently to make sure people are not trying to take advantage of the results. Google, the biggest search engine in the world uses 200 different ranking factors, and they update their algorithms monthly. It is a full-time job to keep up with the search engines, and that is why you should have anĀ Abingdon MD SEO Agency handle your online marketing. Have you heard the old saying, ” just build it and they will come”? Well, that is not always true in internet marketing. You can have the prettiest website that cost you a million dollars but if you don’t optimize that beautiful website for your search traffic, then you might as well not have a website. Getting More traffic will increase sales. Why would you want to have a website and not have any traffic coming to it? That would be like building a store on a highly traveled street and not hanging up a sign, so people knew you were there.

When my Abingdon SEO Agency does Search Engine Optimization for business, my goal is to get that website as much free traffic as possible to increase sales. I do not produce fast SEO results because that is just not safe for your business. We want to win at the search results because we give the user a great experience and Google will reward us with high rankings. An Abingdon SEO Expert will tell you that it should take between 6-8 months to get on the first page of Google.

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I am the best Abingdon SEO Expert, and I can get your website ranking in the top ten results of Google. In fact, if you want more than one spot in the top ten I can do that too. I hold several top spots in the search engines. I am not happy with just the number one spot; I want all ten spots. On one of my searches, I hold 8 out of 10 spots. I have learned how to do search engine optimization so that you can handle all of the important aspects of your business. Why would you want worry about learning, building and optimizing your website when you have so many more important things to handle.

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An Abingdon business that is serious about making money will know that they have to advertise. Search Engine Optimization is an advertising expense with the highest Return Of Investment because once you get to the top there is little to no maintenance needed. If you place an ad in the yellow pages, you have to pay continually for it if you want to keep it. Perspective is everything; sure you can take months to learn Search Engine Optimization. Then 6-8 months to get your site ranked but what will you do if an algorithm comes, and you are not prepared, and your site gets penalized? I bet you will be surprised when I show you how much money you are losing by not being on the first page!