Web Design for Daycares

Web Design for Daycares

Welcome to JN Designs & Marketing.  I specialize in creating affordable mobile friendly websites for daycares across the United States.  

Do you need a website to market your daycare business? Do you have a website that needs to be made mobile friendly?  We can help you either way.

I had my own in home daycare for 12 years and my website brought me almost all of my clients and I always stayed full.  

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you opened the yellow pages to look up a phone number?  When you are looking for a phone number what do you reach for first?  If you are anything like the majority of the world, your answer was that you reach for your phone number.

More and more people are using their phones to search for what they need and if your business does not have a website you will never show up when they are looking for you.  Let's get your spots full and build a waiting list.

The reason you should hire me to help you is because I have been in your shoes.  I know how hard it was in the beginning of my daycare business to fill my spots and I know how having a website changed my business and my life.  I was always full and turning people away almost every week.  I would love to help you fill your